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Pinterest Can Bring Real Results to Your Business

If used right, Pinterest has the potential of fully blowing up your business’ traffic, getting you new email subscribers every day & clients for your paid offers. I’m here to make sure that happens for your business!

With Pinterest, you can Get Traffic by identifying & attracting your Target Audience and by finding Unique Trends and keywords people are already searching for.

How does it work?

You will be able to Make Sales from customers that actually enjoy Your Products, as more than 80% of Pinterest users are likely to make a purchase when they see a product they love.

And even better, you'll Grow your Income by building a business & brand your customers love and post unique content every day that showcase your product's benefits for your clients.

Even better: You get the shipping cost for your products deducted from your final offer!

What if you could...

Focus on creating amazing products for your business and do what you're best at

While someone else takes care of Keywords Research, Pinterest Optimization, Creating Unique Content for your Business that will attract your Ideal Customers, Posting Daily, Interacting with your Customers & Much More?

In the past 5 years, I have worked with brands to help grow their online visibility, traffic & sales with Pinterest.

I succesfully optimized their Business Accounts for SEO, Created Unique Boards & Pins that their audience wanted to see and were looking for on Pinterest.

I helped manage their Pinterest Business Account,  Get Traffic by identifying & attracting their Target Audience, and optimize their business accounts to Make Sales from customers that actually enjoy their Products.

Additionally, I helped them Grow their Income by building a business & brand their customers kept coming back to!

“Lidia has been fantastic. She knows Pinterest and Tailwind well, and she’s been responsive and helpful in addressing any new requests I’ve made. She is also quick to use recently popular Pinterest trends to help our business attract more visitors. I highly recommend her!”


“I loved the list of boards for my Pinterest profile that Lidia created. The pins she managed to create were the right type of content for my blog! She did such a good job! I was super happy with the results, as I quickly started getting pin clicks and more traffic to my website.”


Are you ready to see the same results and start earning with your Pinterest Account? Let me help!

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Lidia

If you’re ready to take action and grow a Pinterest account that completely transforms your business, you’re in the right place.

The truth is, I love marketing, business, branding, online content creation and everything that comes with it. So to me, when someone asks me to help them out with their business is like giving candy to a kid. I just enjoy it that much. So, I just know I will be able to help grow your Pinterest account and use it to drive traffic & sales to your business.

As seen in:


years of experience in business marketing


clients helped throughout career


views from all around the world

seeing real results with your business shouldn't be hard

Want to take the fast track to Pinterest Success, even as a complete beginner, with zero followers or sales - and make money with your account?

Then, let’s work together!

I’ll provide a content strategy that works for your niche, research ideas that will help your pins rank on the home page & get recommended by Pinterest,

be your manager & help you monetize your account (with services, digital products, products & other paid offers) by providing strategies that actually work and have helped my clients grow their business with Pinterest.

I will set up your Pinterest Account for SEO, create and optimize 15-20 Boards & add the right pins to them.


I will create 60 unique static pins for your business, no matter your niche.


I will create 15 animated or video pins for your business with your content or stock content.


go all in

Monthly Pinterest Strategy & Management

3 Unique Pins per day (10-12 scheduled/day) for 30 days, video pins. Account set-up & SEO optimization included.

If you want to use Pinterest for business, but have no time to manage it, this is for you! Let’s work together and I’ll make Pinterest strategically grow your business!


How it works

How We Can Start Working Together Right Now

01. Book your free call

Book your free discovery call.

You will get your free 30-minute call with me to discuss everything about my work and your business’ growth!

02. Check Your Email Inbox

You will receive a confirmation for our call. To prepare for it, write down questions you have about my work and services.

03. Working Together

We will chat about strategy, payment & more. We’ll start working together on your account’s growth.

“Lidia was wonderful to work with! She took the time to understand me and my business and implement strategies aligned with my goals. I have been happy with the experience!”


This is for you if...

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Want to have a chat first about your needs? I’d love to chat with you!

Send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer you within 24 hours. I look forward to working with you and help you build your business with Pinterest!



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