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YouTube Creators, now it's your time to earn big, even with a small audience.

My YouTube Channel generates over $30k per year with minimal effort. 

No, you don’t need a huge subscriber base or to go viral on YouTube to build your business and make sales. 

Yes, it applies to ANY niche or expertise you have.

A passion, purpose and vision

What do you need?

Ideas & the drive to succeed

Consistency & continuous improvement

Even with less than 1,000 views for most videos, my channel made consistent sales for my services, digital products and I earned consistent ad revenue every single month.

Clients were finding me every day and contacting me to work together because of my YouTube Videos.

“I have watched so many videos the past few months and just found yours yesterday. I wish I had seen them in the beginning of this process – they are definitely the best of everything I have watched. I watched the video where you rebranded the jewelry website and it was amazing.

I had generated over $30k in ad revenue from videos that ranked high in search (I wasn’t able to keep a consistent uploading schedule at all times, but still ended up earning).

Even in months when I didn’t have time to post a lot, my videos were still generating revenue.


I even collaborated with top brands and got paid hundreds of dollars per video, without many subscribers.

Are you ready to see the same results and start earning with your small channel? Let me help!

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Lidia

If you’re ready to take action and start a YouTube Channel that completely transforms your business, you’re in the right place.

The truth is, I love marketing, business, branding, online content creation and everything that comes with it. So to me, when someone asks me to help them out with their business is like giving candy to a kid. I just enjoy it that much. So, I just know I will be able to help grow your small channel and monetize it – and not only that, but truly invest my time and knowledge to bring you real results.

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years of experience in business marketing


clients helped throughout career


views from all around the world

seeing real results with your business shouldn't be hard

Want to take the fast track to YouTube Success, even as a complete beginner, with zero subscribers and views - and make money with your channel, no matter how small?

Then, let’s work together!

I’ll provide a video strategy that works for your niche, research keywords that will help your videos rank in search & get suggested by YouTube,

be your video editor & help you monetize your channel (with ads & other paid offers) by providing strategies that helped me reach more than $30k per year with my small channel. 

One Video, Max 5 minutes long, less than 15 minutes original footage. Transitions, Effects, Text. Music, Sound Effects – Everything, Just as you see on my Channels.


One Video, 15 minutes long, less than 30 minutes original footage. Transitions, Effects, Text. Music, Sound Effects – Everything, Just as you see on my Channels.


One YouTube Short, Text, Transitions, B-Roll are Included.


I will provide a channel audit and strategy with 30 researched video ideas and more.


I will research 10 great videos T&T’s combinations that work for your channel & 30 keywords for each video.


I will design 10 Clickable Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos with 3 variations each.


go all in

Monthly YouTube Strategy & Management

4 Unique Videos Per Month (1/week) in your niche. Researched, highly profitable video ideas + editing, thumbnail design, SEO Optimization, scheduling, shorts creation (2 for each video), and more.

If you want to use YouTube for business, but have no time to manage it, this is for you! Let’s work together and I’ll make YouTube strategically grow your business!


How it works

How We Can Start Working Together Right Now

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03. Working Together

We will chat about strategy, payment & more. We’ll start working together on your account’s growth.

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