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Top Tips for Ranking Higher on YouTube & Getting more Views

Top Tips for Ranking Higher on YouTube & Getting more Views

Have you ever searched something on YouTube and noticed that a video with only 5K Views from a Channel with less than 1k Subscribers was ranking #1, while a video with over 200k views from a Channel with over 1 Million Subscribers was ranking #2 or even #3?  Well, me too. YouTube’s algorithm is surely always changing, but fortunately, there are some steps you can take before and after posting your Video, so you make sure you rank higher in Search and even beat some bigger Channels!

In this post, I will share a Step by Step Guide to make sure your next Video will rank higher in Search, and, why not, even reach #1! 

Step 1 – Research

First, you need to make sure that the Video you want to film is already searched by a decent amount of People or has an Audience that is interested in watching it.

You must also Research the content of the Video before Filming & Posting, as it is very important to keep people watching your video for as long as possible & for them to engage by liking and commenting on your Video – so it can rank Higher in Search. The way to do this is by using the Search Bar in YouTube. Type the name of the video you want to film or the topic you want to talk about & if it shows up, click on it to see how many people have searched for it lately. For this you can either use Google Trends or a great YouTube Plugin called VidIQ

I have been using VidIQ forever and it has been the one tool that helped me rank my videos by suggesting high searched tags & showing me a score on my video before posting it, which helped me optimize it the best that I could for it to show up in Search and get more views and comments. You can add it too by Installing the Chrome Extension Here.

Step 2 – Content

In order to make sure that YouTube picks up on the topic and content of your Video and ranks it higher in Search, you need to actually say the words that are in the title at the beginning of the video as well. You also need to make sure your content is easy to follow and offers the viewer all the information they need and that is stated in the Title and Thumbnail.  Be sure to have great lighting & a good video quality in order to provide your viewers with the best experience. 

Step 3 – Keywords

Research Keywords that are related to your video and can be added in your Video’s Title, Description, and Tags. You can do this by using the Search Bar or by noticing what other Tags Popular Videos on the Topic are using – VidIQ is the tool to use for this.

Step 4 – Title, Description, Tags

Write an attractive, but not over the top Title for your Video – and make sure to add some of the most searched keywords in it. Add the title in the first two lines of the description but in an introductory manner. Explain what the video is about, while also including the title and some other keywords. You can also list more keywords at the end of the Description. You can now start adding keywords in your Tags. As you are adding your Tags, VidIQ will let you know how well your Video is Optimized for Ranking. It will also show you other Popular Videos on the topic and their Tags, so you can get inspired & manage to get your video recommended by showing up on the sidebar while theirs is playing on YouTube. 

Step 5 – Share the Video

After you have posted the video, make sure to watch it yourself and like it. You should share it with your close friends and family and ask them to do the same. Also, encourage people to leave a comment on your Video, as this really helps your engagement rate and your Video’s Ranking. Advertise your Video with Social Media to gain more views by Creating Pins for it & Sharing the link to the Video Online on Facebook and Instagram.