65+ Pinterest Graphics Templates Pack + 3 UNIQUE BONUSES


If you are tired of thinking about Unique Pin Designs that will get you more Clicks and Website Traffic – Take a Look at these Pin Templates!

You can now edit a Pin in a few Seconds in Canva, by just Dragging & Dropping.

Make them Unique by Adding your Own Fonts & Colors – and they will be ready to go up on Pinterest in minutes!

By getting these Templates, you also get 3 FREE BONUSES that will help improve your Pinterest Growth Strategy! Read about them below!


the templates

why go for buying already designed templates?

Using already Designed Templates for your Unique Pin Graphics doesn’t only save you a ton of time, but also effort! You no longer have to spend hours trying to think of the perfect Pin Design that will Grow your Pinterest Account! You have them right here – proven they will work

These templates are easily editable in Canva! Just drag & drop and your Pins will be ready in seconds!

why try these templates?

Because they work! Not only they can be Branded and Personalized to your Own Style in Seconds, but they are meant to help you Stand out in Pinterest Search & Get more Link Clicks

As a Pinterest VA, I have spent a lot of time on my own Pinterest Account and Creating Fresh Pins Daily. Creating these Templates was not random! I created them the same as my other Pin Graphics – to BE SEEN

Here’s how some of my Pins Perform for Short Tale Keywords in Pinterest Search: 


You will receive a PDF File that will have a Link to a Canva Template – Editable File! 


Don’t forget to make a Copy into your Own Canva Account to make sure not to lose it!


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1 VIDEO TUTORIAL: My Best Tips for Creating Unique Pinterest Graphics & My Top Canva Tips & Tricks for Pins

5 Unique Idea Pins Templates (5+ Slides each)!


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