Product Photography Services 

Product Photography is one of the most important elements that make a Great Website, Social Media Account or E-commerce Business be cohesive, well-branded and trust-worthy. Every single product selling Business should have Product Photography be one of their main priorities. 

  • When browsing online with the purpose of shopping, a person’s attention is immediately caught by good Product Photography. This will lead to them becoming interested in your Brand and Products & wanting to find out more about them.
  • When that happens, your Photographs need to showcase your product’s details really well in order for the potential client to get all the information he/she needs. 
  • Great Product Photography makes your website look like you have really made an effort, it shows what your vision truly is on your brand and products in general. 
  • It is also meant to not only show your product’s values, but also its uses (Lifestyle Product Photography). 
  • Product Photography shows your product in a special, unique way – that is specific to your brand. This provides authenticity and value to your Business.





The photographs are usually created with a white, simple backdrop so that all the product’s features are visible.

Within these photographs, the product is showcased in a lifestyle environment so its uses and purposes are properly showcased.

These photographs serve as content for your website or Social Media. The product is photographed on different backdrops with different props.

Product Photography Packages

All prices shown are for Photographs created, edited & ready to go!

Pack 2 – $125

1 Product

5 Images on White Backdrop

2 Lifestyle Images



Ready to go

Pack 4 – $100

1 Product

20 Photographs

Suited for Social Media Content

Different image styles



Ready to go

Pack 1 – $80

1 Product 

3 Images on White Backdrop

1 Lifestyle Image



Ready to go

Pack 3 – $60

1 Product

10 Flatlay Images

Different colors Backdrop

Different Props



Ready to go

Hello! I am Lidia. As passionate as I am about Social Media & growing Online Businesses, I am also as passionate about Photography.Why? Because I know it is a key element in growing your product sales & overall Business.

I have worked with multiple online Businesses before and shot their products ( Amazon Businesses, E-commerce ).Therefore, I want to help YOU get High-Quality Photographs of your products posted on your Website and Social Media Accounts. 

My goal is to help you showcase your products in the best way possible to gain more exposure and customers.


  1. You fill out the form telling me what type of product you want photographed, as well as some information about your Business and your Brand.
  2. I will get back to you within 2 business days to further discuss what type of Photography Style your brand is more about & other information that will help me shoot the product accurately. We will also discuss about sending the product my way.
  3. As soon as I have received your product, I will tell you the exact date when your Photographs will be ready.
  4. You will receive your sharp, professional images of your Product, edited and ready to be uploaded to your website & shared with all of your followers and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, please fill out the form to get in touch and discuss about your needs and goals. I will get back to you within 2 business days when we will discuss how you can send me your product and have your Photographs created.

The only cost you will need to take care of except for the package cost will be the delivery one – when you send your product out to me to have it photographed.

If you want to, yes, but you will have to pay for the return postage as well. I, however, suggest that I should keep it – in case that in the future you might need other photographs taken of the product – such as Social Media content or others.

All invoices are sent and paid with PayPal.

In this case, either – fill out the form and let me know in the notes section what your desires are, or – send me an email at lidias@incomingsuccess.com so we can discuss the matter thoroughly.

Yes, you do. Please fill out the form and select all packages you would like to purchase – I will contact you and tell you what the discount is.

Yes, you can see my Portfolio that includes most of the Work I have done for Other Companies Right Here, or by Clicking the ‘SEE MY WORK‘ button above the Frequently Asked Questions Section. 

While reviewing the work, please keep in mind that each Company is Different, each Product is Different, so Each Photograph requires a Different Set of Branding, Style and Composure. 

Your Photographs will be taken in Your Own Style – To fit your Branding and Desires.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at lidias@incomingsuccess.com