What is the Pinterest Management Service? 

 The Pinterest Management Service is a Service described by the collaboration between a Business or Online Creative and the Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Freelancer. The collaboration’s Goal is Growing the Client’s Online Business by Increasing Website Traffic, Targeting a Certain Audience with Pins and Boards, Growing Engagement and Sales for the Client.

This collaboration can take place in the form of A Pinterest Business Account Set Up, A Pinterest Business Account Makeover, Pinterest Hourly Management, and Tailwind Account Set Up and Management.

With this Service / Collaboration, the Client agrees to: 

  • Provide Personal Data & Log In Details such as Email Adress or Username & Passwords for Pinterest and Tailwind
  • Be present along with the entire collaboration and answer questions through the method of communication chosen that can help the freelancer get the job done properly
  • Consider the Advice of the Professional when it comes to Optimizing the Profile for Growth, as if not done so, the Growth is no longer Guaranteed
  • Respect and Do other small tasks asked by the Freelancer that are not part of the Job – so the Profile will keep Growing (Or Ask the Freelancer to do them in Hourly Management Mode).

With this Service, the Freelancer/Pinterest VA agrees to:

  • Come prepared with all the Strategies necessary in order for the Client’s Profile to Grow and Generate Traffic and Sales (in the long run).
  • Come prepared with all the right questions to ask the Client in order to get to know his/her Business and figure out Unique Ways of Growing The Pinterest/Tailwind Account
  • Keep all the Personal Details, as well as Log In Details for Pinterest and Tailwind Safe, Never Share them with Anyone, and Erase them as soon as The Collaboration is Over 
  • Respect the Start Date/End Date of The Collaboration/Service or communicate any delays to the Client days prior
  • Keep Growing in Knowledge in order to Provide the Best Service 

The 5 Months of Management will begin on June 19th 2021 and End on the 19th of November 2021 in which all terms above will be respected + the Client will get 2 Unique Pins Pinned per day to the Pinterest Profile, Tailwind Management (managing Communities, etc) & keeping the accounts active and growing.

Refunds & Cancellations

 No refunds and cancellations will be accepted after the Service has already started. If however, I have not yet started working on Your Account, you can request a cancellation by emailing me at – The Reason for your cancellation.

For paying ahead for multiple months of Management and/or getting a discounted price, refunds are not available. 


By signing this document, you are agreeing to these terms above and you are committing to moving forward with this Service.