Pinterest is a powerful Online Marketing platform that if used right can bring you consistent website traffic & sales. But how do you even use it? How do you optimize your Profile, Boards & Pins? Let’s get started! 

how pinterest can help your business grow

Increase your reach

Having a Well Built Pinterest Profile will also help you get found in Search by more people!

Build your audience

By pinning Daily, more and more People will find your Content & Products!

make more sales

Outbound Clicks on Pinterest easily turn into Product Sales when the Marketing is done right!

How to market your business with pinterest

In order to have success with Pinterest, you need to keep in mind that your business needs to have a set niche, a website (or platform for your products, such as an Etsy Shop), and you need to have clarity.

By clarity I mean you need to know:

  • what are you trying to promote (your blog posts, YouTube Videos, freelancing services, Products, etc.)
  • who are you trying to reach (the type of people that will enjoy your content or products)
  • what type of content you want to create (Pins, Idea Pins, Videos).

Once you have these all figured out, you can start promoting with Pinterest. Let’s begin with optimizing your Pinterest Profile. 

This Video talks a lot more about that:


You can go ahead and turn your Pinterest Profile into a Business one if you haven’t already. After that, go to Settings and make sure you have a set username for your profile, have your email connected, the website claimed & all other social media accounts connected

How to claim your website on pinterest

Go to Pinterest Settings – Claim – Websites – Claim

Choose your desired method to Claim your Website

I find adding the HTML tag the easiest way to claim your website. Copy the code & then Install a plugin or app that allows you to add a code to the <head> section of your website.

But, you can also choose adding the TXT record to your Domain. For that, go to your Domain Provider, find your Domain, Click Manage Domain & Manage txt records. Click on ‘Add a new record‘, choose the TXT option, add the code & for some Domain providers you will also need to add “@” before the code. 

Then, you will need to wait up to a few minutes, hours, or days (depending on your website), before being able to verify your Domain. When you’re ready to do so, click continue, add your website link & click verify.

optimize your profile for seo

Here, you’ll need to find the right keywords for your Business, then use those to Optimize your Pinterest Profile Name for SEO, your Profile Description & more. In this Video, I explain exactly how to Optimize your Account for SEO:


Pinterest Boards are a must if you want to attract the right audience to your profile. You need to pay attention to the niche, the pins you add to each board & more. This video is an in-depth tutorial on Pinterest Boards Creation, SEO Optimization, which Pins to add to which Boards & more.


Before you even start creating your own Unique Pinterest Graphics, you will need to learn all the Tailwind ropes, that will help your Pinterest Account stay active daily by scheduling Pins. Learn about it in this video!


It is now time to start designing your Branded Pinterest Graphics for your Business. Did you know I have already created 65+ Templates for you that are ready to go and can be customized to your Branding in only a few minutes? Check them out here!

Creating clickable Pins does not have to be difficult or take you hours. Keep in mind to use little, but engaging text, your brand colors & graphics that grab the viewer’s attention. Watch this video to learn more about creating Pinterest Graphics.

Posting your pins

You’ve created your unique Pin Graphics. Now what? How do you actually add a Pin to Pinterest & Optimize it for SEO? Do you need to use hashtags too? Learn more here!


It is not enough for you to create your profile, optimize it and add a few pins if you really want to see growth on Pinterest.

Did you know most growth is actually seen after three months of consistently posting on your account? 

That being said, here are the daily tasks you need to do for at least 3 months if you want to see real results with your Pinterest Account!

So this is how you start a Pinterest Business Account, Optimize it & Grow it for more Website Traffic & Sales

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