How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog in 2020 - Incoming Success
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How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog in 2020

How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog in 2020

Even if you are just starting out as a Blogger or have plenty of Experience, Pinterest is a platform you should definitely be using to grow your Online Presence, Page Views and Income.

In this Blog Post, I will share How to Use Pinterest to Grow your Blog in 2020, what and when you need to Pin & How to Keep your Account Growing and Bringing in More and More Traffic Every Single Day.

After setting up your Blog, Adding all the Pages & Menus, Posting your Blog Posts, the next thing for you to do is Set Up your Social Media Accounts. If you want to learn How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account from Scratch, you might want to Read this Blog Post.

Then, you must take all steps necessary to Promote Your Content & Grow your Blog Every Day. So, let’s break it down into Steps.

Step 1 – Create Pins for your Blog Posts

This is the most important thing when Promoting your Blog Posts, because you want people to notice your Pins and become interested in your Content once they see it on Pinterest.

I recommend creating at least 3-4 Pins per Blog Post – and use different Titles, Graphics and Photographs for each – but keep your Branding Consistent ( Your Colors & Fonts – and if you want, Your Logo ).

I use Canva to create my Pins, and this is my Creation Process:

First, I come up with different titles for my Blog Post to include in my Pins. For example, for this particular Blog Post I chose the Following Titles for my Pins: 

  • How to use Pinterest to Grow your Blog
  • Get more Pageviews with Pinterest and Grow Your Blog
  • How to Grow Your Blog Using Pinterest in 2020

There are, of course, many more variations I could use, such as:

  • How I grow my Blog using Pinterest
  • How Pinterest brings my Blog Traffic
  • How I increase Pageviews using Pinterest 
  • How I create Pins for my Blog Posts 
  • Pin Graphics for Blog Posts Process of Creation, etc.

Next, I make sure I know what my Branding Colors and Fonts are and I use them consistently throughout my Pins.

I use the Pin Size I always use, which is 800 x 1300 pxl. You can use mine, or play with it. I suggest creating vertical, long Pins

I then Search for Free Stock Photos on websites like Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay and use them as Backgrounds in my Pins.

I usually create Pin Graphic Templates for my Pins and use them all the Time – I just twitch some things here and there, but it’s so much easier than creating New Pin Graphics Every Time I write a New Blog Post. You can do so too using Canva, it’s totally free.

If you don’t have time to create your own Branded Pins, there are a few Options you can take: 

  • Hire a Pinterest VA to Create some Pin Graphics for You
  • Buy Pin Graphics that are already made and twitch those to fit your Style. You can check out the ones in my Shop or Browse through Creative Market, they have some really great ones.

Do you want to grow on pinterest every day, while keeping your content organized?

Get The Ultimate Pinterest Growth Workbook  and Get Access to the Daily Checklist I use to Grow my and My Client’s Pinterest Accounts + Video Tutorials on my Daily Pinning and Tailwind Strategy & More!

Step 2 – Adding the Pins into your Blog Posts

After creating the Pins , it’s time to add them into your Blog Posts, so people can Pin them from your Website every time they Visit it. You can add your Pins throughout the Blog Post, at the Beginning of the Post, or at the end of the Post ( as you see in my Post right now, under PIN FOR LATER ).

By doing this, people will not only be directed to this Blog Post when you Pin them into your Account, but they will also be able to Save it for Later and with their followers when Reading your Post.

Step 3 – Pinning

If you think your Job is done after Pinning your Pins once, you’re wrong.

After Pinning them into a main Anchor Board, go into Pinterest and save them in other several Boards they fit into, be them your Anchor Boards or other Boards with Similar Content. For example, I first Pinned mine into my Board called Best of Incoming Success, that holds every single Post I’ve every written, but I will also Pin them into Pinterest Growth by Incoming Success, Pinterest Growth Tips, Social Media Tips for Growth and so on. 

Step 4 – Sharing your Pins

What you need to do next is make sure you Join Group Boards in Your Niche and share your Pins there every day. Share different Pin Graphics and do not Spam. Also, make sure to respect each Group Board’s Rules and Pin out of the Group Board into your Own Boards as well.

Step 5 – Set Up your Tailwind Profile and Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind is a Great Platform to use when you want to keep your Pinterest growing and getting your Pins Shared.

You can Join the Free Trial here and Set Up Your Account by Applying to Join Tailwind Tribes, Scheduling your First Pins and Creating your Boards Lists.

Add your Content ( Pins that you just created ) into Tailwind Tribes daily & Re-share every day by following each tribe’s rules.

Make sure to only Share relevant content into Tribes, so you will continue being a part of it, as it is a great strategy for growing your Account.

Step 6 – Keep going!

Only Pinning Pins you have created for One Blog Post is not going to be enough to grow your Blog with Pinterest & get you a Steady Income working from Home.

You have to keep going, post new content each week on the Blog and go through the same Process I explained every time. You must be consistent for Pinterest to actually bring results. It can usually take about three months to see real results, so keep pushing forward, as you will be more than content with the results!

I suggest keeping track of your Pinterest Analytics Numbers in a Google Sheet Every Week so you can see your Overall Growth and Be Motivated to keep going.

These are a few more Tips to keep your Account Growing every day and Ultimately, your Blog:

  • Pin from the Home Feed every day at least 10 Pins into Relevant Boards
  • Follow 4-5 People in your Niche Every Day on Pinterest
  • Create Branded Board Covers for your Boards
  • Create at least One New Board Every Week and Optimize it for SEO
  • Pin into Each Board Daily
  • Schedule your Pins with Tailwind for the next few Months – so you can have ongoing Activity on Your Account.

If you need any more Help with your Account, here are Your Options: