How do you use Elementor for Easy WordPress Website Design? In this post, I will share my best tips & tricks for designing your entire Website using the Free Version of Elementor. If you want to learn what were the 10 Features that got me to Upgrade to Pro, Read this Post right here! 

Let’s get started!

Easy Drag & Drop Editing

I have always wanted to design my WordPress Pages easily, by just adding elements into the Page wherever I wanted them to go, and as many as I wanted to add. I was never able to do this until I tried Elementor. 

I design my Blog Posts with such ease now, I add text, special buttons, links, images, videos & so much more, without spending 20 minutes on designing an element. 


With Elementor, if you want a fully blank page to start with, you only need two clicks. If you want to keep the menu & header, it takes another click. It’s just that simple! 

Not only does Elementor allow full freedom over your page designs, but it works so well with WordPress & you can do all the settings you need in minutes! 


If you want to display simple text on your page, you can!

If you want other elements such as contact forms, buttons, icons, videos & so much more, Elementor has them all! Plus, they are always upgrading the plugin, making sure they are up to date with the designer’s needs.

How to use elementor for your website design

Start by installing the Elementor Plugin. You can use the button below to find out what the plugin offers you, if you ever decide to upgrade.

Next, create your Page or Post in WordPress. Click Edit & then Click Edit with Elementor.

Choose your desired page layout by going to Settings – Page Layout in Elementor. 

It is now time to get to know the Elementor & Elementor Pro Elements & what they can do for your Website Design! 

My recommendation is to drag & drop different elements into your Page, until you learn how to customize them & use them for your design needs!

Plus, if you don’t have the time to come up with a Unique Page Design for your Website, Elementor offers free & paid (with the pro version) Pages Templates & already-designed blocks. Just click on ‘add template’ and choose your desired design!

Overall, Elementor has been my biggest help when it comes to Website Design, which is why it is the plugin I use without hesitation when it comes to designing my own website, as well as my Clients – that want a clean, unique & responsive design for their Business’ Website!



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Lidia S