If you’ve had a Blog for a While and are looking to Finally get Hosting and Get all the benefits that Gets you – or if you are a Beginner and want to Start a Blog and jump right into self hosting to make more money online and Start an Online Business, then you’re in the right place! 

In this post I will share:

  • What is Hosting and Why it’s Good for you
  • Information on my Hosting Platform, How I started my Self Hosted Blog with it & Why I think You Should Check it out as well if you want to Start a Blog or Website.
So, let’s get Started!

what is hosting?

In a few words, Hosting is a Bigger Platform that your Website will live on – While Being Completely Yours – Meaning you will have all control over it and its content.

So, before having Hosting for your Blog, it probably lived on a Free Platform such as Blogspot.com or WordPress, that didn’t give you enough freedom to do everything you wanted with your Website.

This is why – once you have some money to Invest into Starting a Real Business, I recommend Buying Hosting and Creating a Full Branded Website.

why should i go self hosted?

The benefits of Hosting for your Blog or Business are so many! Let me share with you what they are: 

  • Complete Freedom over any Decision Regarding the Design and Layout of your Website
  • The Ability of Choosing and Using a Domain Name that is Unique
  • It Increases your Options for Building Income Streams and Making More Money Online – You can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, from Displaying Ads on your Website, Receiving Sponsorships and Working with Brands, Promoting your Digital Products or Online Courses
  • It gives you the Option of Having as Many Blog Posts, Pages & Menus you would like on your Website
  • You can Start Building a Real Audience and Gathering Emails for your Email List
  • You can Promote and Sell your Freelancing Services and Create as Many Landing Pages as you’d like

And these are only SOME of the Benefits a Self Hosted Blog can Get you!

my hosting platform & how i started

I started my Self Hosted Blog on Bluehost with WordPress. 

The Reason I chose Bluehost is that it was Recommended to me by another Blogger – and it didn’t disappoint me to this day. I have build multiple websites with Bluehost & WordPress and the process was always smooth, easy and fast (once I got the hang of WordPress Set Up – which didn’t take very long).

I needed an Option that was Affordable, but gave me Everything I needed, which was Quality Hosting, Easy Set Up Options & Great Customer Service.

I got those and Many More. See what exactly below!


Besides the fact that it was Recommended to be by a fellow Blogger I trusted, I found that the Benefits she mentioned were Everything I needed for my New Blog.


I got Hosting for My Blog for under $200 for 3 Whole Years. That’s pretty crazy! Every other platform I have seen before required monthly payments that exceeded $20/month. I did not have that kind of money to invest. So I decided to go with the most Affordable – but Best Option


Besides the Great Pricing Option – that only Requires you to Pay Once for three full years – and you get the Domain Name for FREE for the first year (only around $20 per year after that), another thing that convinced me was the WordPress Integration.

I have used WordPress before and I found it was very easy to browse through, so I was happy to see that I was going to Set Up my Website on a platform that was familiar to me.


WordPress is not just an easy to use Set Up Option, but it also comes with Thousands of Free Plugins you can Install on your Website and Use to Grow your Audience and Income.

My Favorites are Yoast SEO – a Plugin that allows you to add Snippets of Descriptions for Each Page that will Show Up in Search, instead of Google just picking up a Random Part of your Blog Post’s Text for that, WooCommerce – which allows me to have a Shop on my Website and Sell my Digital Paid Products, Elementor – the Best WordPress Page Builder, that makes it possible for you to Design the Website of your literal dreams with an easy drag & drop Editor & many others!


WordPress’ SEO Optimization ensures that your Blog Posts show up in Google Search and give you more chances of being found, building an audience & making great Income!


After you have chosen a few Ideas for your New Blog or Website Name, check if the Domain is available on Bluehost.

Then, Choose the Plan you want to Get. I chose mine for Three Years, as the Full Price was a Better Deal for me – and I got the Domain Name for Free for the First Year.

I also chose to deselect all the extras, as they didn’t feel mandatory to me – in the Beginning, at least.

So as you can see, the Price is unbelievable for three years of having your Self Hosted Blog. But it’s real. I went ahead and Paid for mine – and then Started Setting up my Website.

Choosing a Theme for your Blog is also Really Important because it is what will showcase your Website’s Branding and Design. 

To choose one that’s perfect for your needs, make sure to check out My Blog Post on 50+ WordPress Themes for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

Check out a few Live Demos, see How you feel about them, and be ready to make an investment you’ll never regret!

To upload a theme, just go to WordPress – Appeareance – Themes and Upload the Theme’s ZIP File.

To learn more about Setting up your  WordPress Website and figuring out all the Tech Stuff – Check out This Video I shared on my Channel about All the Things you need to Do when Setting up your New WordPress Website!

So far, Self Hosting allowed me to Build Multiple Income Streams, Have a Website as the Face of my Brand and Business and Grow my Audience Significantly! 

Get Hosting for your Blog today if you want a Bigger Reach, Better Results and to Increase your Income!

*Disclosure: This Blog Post contains Affiliate Links – which means that if you make a Purchase through them, I will receive a Small Commission, at no extra cost for you. Thank you!

Lidia S