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THE pinterest virtual assistant coaching program

Ready to Turn Your Passion For Pinterest Into Your Business?

I have managed Pinterest Accounts for businesses all around the world for the past 5+ years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way, it’s that people truly love using Pinterest for their brands. That’s where you come into play! Let’s turn your passion for Pinterest into your own business!

You're in the right place

Learning How Pinterest Works & How To Make It Work For Others Is Not Difficult

You just need the right strategies – applied in the right way. And what better way to start doing that than to learn from someone that’s been doing it for 5+ years successfully?

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You want to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

You love Pinterest and want to turn it into your job – and do that every day!


You tried starting your business already but got stuck somewhere

We will start with the Pinterest Basics and go all around to learning how to book clients, how to manage their accounts & do this consistently!


You do a ton of work creating content or trying to get Pinterest clients, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results.

I will help you build your entire business – from your website to defining your target audience as a VA, to creating the right content, and much more!


You feel unmotivated and need some guidance & support along the way.

You are tired of trying to figure everything out yourself & decided you would better get the step-by-step guidance and implement proven strategies as you go.

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Hear from our customer

"Lidia was wonderful to work with! She took the time to understand me and my business and implement strategies aligned with my goals.

I have been happy with the experience!”


Yes, this is possible!

I know because I did it! And I know that with the right strategies – you can too! 

This is exactly what The Pinterest VA Academy will help you achieve: start a profitable Pinterest Management business from scratch and build it so well that it earns more and more each month – with better strategies and less effort!

you have it all in one place

The Only Pinterest VA Program You Need

Imagine your business starts generating $3k extra per month, $5k extra, or even $10k. Imagine you have the freedom to spend time doing your favorite activities without having to worry about paying your bills, not having enough to travel, or still being in debt. 

The Pinterest VA Academy will provide weekly live trainings

I will take you through the entire process: step-by-step. I will provide live trainings every week to get to know how Pinterest works, how Pinterest Management works, and everything you need to start getting consistent clients for your business. Our trainings will be recorded and you’ll be able to access them in your student account at any time!

You get to ask questions and interract with the host and other members

Don’t understand something? No problem! Just ask me! That is what I’m here for! Everybody else learns along with you and you get to grow and stay motivated each week to reach your goals as well!

You get weekly checklists and strategy sheets to keep growing

During the days when we don’t have live calls, you will be able to communicate with me and other members in our dedicated WhatsApp Group, as well as get step-by-step checklists to do every day and work on your business’ growth.

You get the guidance and motivation you need to start this business successfully!

I know how hard it can be to stay motivated when you’re putting in the ‘root’ work that will only start showing results a bit later on. That’s why I’m here! I’ll remind you every day that you’re on the right track and you will reach your goals!


The Pinterest VA Academy

A 6-month coaching & mentorship program for aspiring Pinterest Managers that want to turn their passion into their full-time business & live a life they truly love!

the first two months

Learning Pinterest

In the first two months, we will get to know Pinterest like it’s our little child.

months 2-4

Building The Portfolio

In the next part of the program, I will help you build your Pinterest portfolio & business.

months 4-5

Brining In Clients

This is where we go all in with content creation to have your clients find your services consistently.

Months 5-6

Booking Clients & Managing Accounts

In the last part of the program, we will work on your client booking strategy & more.

What the clients are saying

She has helped my small business so much. I love her work ethic, as she works hard to help you succeed in your business. She’s organized and knows all the new trends to get you more leads.

What you'll love about the program

Enroll now to get access to these amazing features & many more!

full trainings

Replays Available

I will provide replays for our training sessions inside your student portal, so you can rewatch or watch if you can’t attend a group session.

grow your business

Daily Checklists

You will work on growing your business every single day. I will help you with daily checklists & more. You will also have full access to me every day in our dedicated group.

personalized tips

Unique Business

Even though you’re starting the same business others are too – yours will be unique! I’ll make sure of that! Your business name, logo, services, and more!

coaching sessions
UNIQUE TIPS TO boost your revenue

Extra Support


Weekly Training Coaching Calls

With weekly training calls, you are able to continuously learn about everything that keeps your business growing and earning. 


Private WhatsApp Group Access

I will chat with you every day on the private WhatsApp Group & send you messages, voice memos, or video tutorials based on your needs at the time.


Workbooks & Checklists

Based on your personalized business strategies, I will provide workbooks & pdf’s to help you do something to grow your business every single day!

the best investment

Start Your Business Right!

minimal fee for big value!

6 x one monthly payment of


pay in full & save!

one payment of


Satisfaction Guarantee

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Not happy with how things are going or what you’re learning? No problem, let me know in 14 days & you’ll receive your refund right away! (Available for the first two weeks of the program only)

How it works

What Happens After You Enroll

In The Program
01. Book your free call

Book your free discovery call.

You will get your free 30-minute call with me to discuss everything about this program and how it will help you and your business!

02. Check Your Email Inbox

You will receive a confirmation for our call. To prepare for it, write down questions you have about this program and your current struggles.

03. Starting the program

We will chat about strategy, payment & more. We’ll start working together on your business’s growth, monetizing, and building awesome paid offers!

Who is this for

Make This Your Best Investment

If you want to make your Pinterest VA business a success, this program was made for you!

This is RIGHT for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Lidia

I guess by now you can say that growing online businesses has become my hobby.

With over 10 years of experience in online business and social media marketing, I am here to help you envision your success & also achieve it! Let’s make this happen!

As seen in:

start your pinterest journey today

Become a Successful Pinterest VA

6 x one monthly payment of


one payment of



Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment is open right now. The actual program will begin when at least 3 members have joined.

Yes! All the trainings created during this program will be added in a special course that you will always have access to, even after the program ends. Same goes for all the checklists, workbooks & more.

We have a 14-days satisfaction guaranteed policy. So, if after the start of the program you realise it’s not for you, or just changed your mind, you’ll get your money back fully!

All types! We start at the beginning with business branding, business models, monetization & we end with content creation, sales funnels & actually earning with your business.

Book your free discovery call so we can get to know each other and you can learn about how this program will help you! Then, I’ll start working on the business strategy & we get to work!

Yes! Our dedicated WhatsApp Group will be open for questions at all times, as well as 1:1 chats. You will also be able to write down questions and ask them during our individual weekly call.

No services are included from me.

No full courses are included, but I will provide a personalized strategy for each of you with dedicated video tutorials (your website, your Pinterest services, your content marketing), which is even better than taking a course that is aimed at a particular niche only.

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Pinterest VA Academy. You can email me directly and I’ll return the favor within 24 business hours.

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