Become a freelancer

Once you have received the list of 50+ Online Jobs to do from Home, read this page & follow along! 



Step 1 – Pick a Job

Pick out one or a few Online Jobs you believe you could do & be good at (it’s OK if you don’t know much about it or have no experience).

Every job has different requirements & growth hacks or can be performed on different websites, but the tips I share are general and can be used for every job.

Step 2 – Narrow it down to Services

After you have picked out a Niche you want to work in ( for example:Graphic Design ), choose what exactly you would like to do: work for different magazines or books? design Music Album Covers? Wedding Invitations? Whatever it may be, write down a few things you could do or would enjoy doing (It’s OK if you don’t know for sure, you can’t really know for sure until you try).

Step 3 – Learn about it

Learn everything you can & find about that job.Take an Online Course, talk to people who are already doing that job and are willing to help out, purchase E-Books, read Blog Posts and write down what you learn.

Step 4 – Practice it

Practice doing that job for different people or scenarios. For example, if you want to become a Social Media Manager, apply what you have learned to your own Social Media Accounts & learn more from your failures and successes.

Step 5 – Start working for others

Ask your friends and family if they might need your Services & offer them a discounted price to begin with – the experience will be good for you + it will give you a lot of confidence.

Step 6 – Keep working Online

Join Facebook Groups with other Entrepreneurs or Freelancers & ask kindly and when & where permitted if anybody is in need of your Services. Show them some of the work you have done – if they ask and if it applies to your Job & offer discounted prices to land your clients! Also, you can join Websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer to start earning an Income Online.

Step 7 – Create a Landing Page for your Services

If you don’t have a website yet, create a Landing Page on a Free Blog like WordPress

In your Landing Page, include:

  • Why people should use your Services
  • How it will help them / their Business
  • Who you are and what exactly you will do to help them reach their Goals
  • Your Services & Rates
  • Information on How to get in touch with you & Pay for the Service

Do not forget to advertise your Services with Social Media and in Facebook Groups.

Step 8 – Create your own Website

After you have started earning a little bit & you have some money to invest, I highly recommend Starting your Own Website with Bluehost & WordPress for only $3.95 per month!

Why you Should do this:

  • Starting your own Website and purchasing your own Domain will upscale your Business and make it way easier for people to find you and your Services because of SEO Optimization
  • An Owned Website also provides authenticity and people will trust you a lot more when it comes to your Services
  • You will be able to share content for your Target Audience that will provide value to their Businesses or Lives & they will become interested in Your Services and Products
  • You can display Ads on your website & your content will be protected by Copyright
  • It allows you to make an income in other ways such as Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Brand Deals, Sponsorships & Product Sales
  • You can sell your own Digital Products and Promote them, as well as keep your audience close to you by Growing an Email List.


  • They are the most affordable hosting company 
  • They provide a great Service & they have amazing SEO Optimization
  • They offer free WordPress Integration & Installation
  • They offer your domain name for free for the first year (Domain name = )
  • WordPress has over 40,000 free plugins that you can use on your website / blog.

What you need to do next

  • Think of a domain name for your Website & Check its availability 

Click on ‘Get Started’ 

Write your desired domain name & click next.

Pick out your desired plan – I chose the cheapest one, you really don’t need all the features in the beginning.

Write all your information & pick out the Account Plan – I chose the 36 months one because it’s the cheapest version of it & you get a free domain for the first year. Deselect all the package extras as you can work fine at first without them in the beginning. 

After that, finish up & pay!

Go ahead and create a User for your Account and start setting up your website! Bluehost automatically sets up wordpress for you & it’s really easy to use. I have built over 3 websites with them and every single time I had a pleasant experience. They are there for you to help out with anything you need – click on ‘Chat’ on their website. 

You can now choose a theme for your Website out of WordPress Free Selection of themes or buy one that suits your website’s Branding. Below you can find Instructions on Uploading a Theme and my WordPress Themes Shops Recommendations.

Now, start creating your Menus, Pages & Posts. Make sure to post what your Target Audience is interested in & use Social Media to Advertise your Website / Business!


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