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Hi there!

My name is Lidia, and I am here to help you start and grow a successful online business!

I started this Business out of Passion for the Online World and Helping you Achieve your Goals by Working Smart and Being Strategic!


Where does my Passion for Business Come from

I am part of a Family of Entrepreneurs, which certainly made me interested in Business from a Small Age. Growing up, I learned something from each brother and sister, did research of my own even more and realized I would love to be an entrepreneur some day, I just didn't know where to start.

decisions in life

it came the time for me to decide for a university

And so I did. Got accepted for University in the UK, then realized I could do more than have debt for years for studying something I wasn't 100% sure of. Applied for something else, got rejected. Questioned all my life choices and couldn't decide what road to take in life. I just knew I wanted to do something more.

tried a regular job

at the mall

Let's just say that every hour I spent on that clothing isle, I was thinking of Starting a Business and How different my life could be if I took the decision to work hard enough for it.

the only choice i had left was to work hard

for what i wanted

I got inspired by all the Online Success Stories great Entrepreneurs share (and their income reports hah) and I decided I wanted to Learn More. I started as a Virtual Assistant, Pinterest VA, then got into Creating YouTube Content for Online Business Owners.

I have to say...

the thing that helped me keep going was

Loving what I was doing. I am being told all the time by people that they couldn't be doing what I'm doing. Maybe it is because it's a lot of work - it sure is! But when you truly enjoy the process and your intentions are more than just monetary, good things come out of it.

am i successful?


Why? I don't consider that you are successful when you are a millionaire. Even though, don't get me wrong, money is a very important aspect of doing Business. But that's not the ultimate Goal. I am successful because I get to get up every day and improve. My Business, my life. I have the freedom to work on Projects I truly enjoy working on, while them bringing me enough financial support to live a healthy, happy life. And that is my Goal for you too!

you can, too!

go from a job you don't enjoy - to doing what you've always dreamed of!

How? Learn How to Build an Online Business properly, find solutions for people's problems with your Products or Services - and most importantly How to Market your Business to the Right People - on the Right Platforms, in the Right Way.

and that is why i am here!

i can't build your entire business for you, but

I can support you through the process, share my wisdom through Learning Tools, Courses and More - and Help you 1 by 1 Grow on Social Media Smart enough to reach your Target Audience and present them your Product in the Best way possible!

so, thank you for being here!

you'll be thanking yourself soon enough too!

If I can give you one piece of Advice going through the Process of Starting or Growing an Online Business, it is to not give up. Yes, I know you hear that everywhere, but what nobody probably told you is that every time you want to begin something great, there will be doubt. Every time you need to make a big decision, there will be doubt. Get used to doubt, get used to failure. And that is when you'll find succeeding easy!