10 Tips on Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

  1. Make sure you learn as much as you can about Pinterest before Starting out and Practicing or Working for Others. At the same time, though, do not wait for ages to start. Learn until you feel confident you can begin working, and START! 
  2. Find your First Clients and slowly Start Working and perfecting your skills. You’ll learn so much from experience, so be patient and learn from your mistakes and your successes.
  3. Appreciate your work’s worth in your Pricing, do not work for free! Look at other VA’s for comparison, and start with a decent price, then grow it as you learn and gain more experience.
  4. Be consistent with your work. Stay present and always show up for your clients. Answer emails in less than two business days.
  5. Always communicate with your Clients while working for them. Let them know how things are progressing and take in their advice and their wishes.
  6. Keep a progress report for every single client. It is a great help for your motivation, but also proof that what you are doing is working.
  7. Listen to your client’s requirements, but do not be afraid to add your own input and always be honest about what you think. Be careful how you express yourself, though 🙂 
  8. Find new ways to learn more every day and update your knowledge about Pinterest as it changes. Be up to date with what works and what doesn’t. Even if it is nice to learn from your clients too, you should know more than them about this, so make sure you are learning. 
  9. Do not overwhelm yourself with too much work if you are aware that you cannot do it. Better a job done right for a few clients than a bad job for many. Word of mouth is very powerful in this industry, so you want to make sure everyone you work with (if possible) has good things to say about your work. If you want to do the work, but cannot add it all to your schedule right now, book your clients and add them on your waiting list. Let them know you want to work with them, but are fully booked right now. For a great job, they will be willing to wait. 
  10. Provide more than one service on your website and consider selling digital products as well if you want to grow your Income. There is only so much time in a day to be a VA, so selling Templates or other Digital Products is a great way of making more money. 

10 Tips on Finding your First Clients

  1. Join Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs or Bloggers that you know could benefit from your Services. Be active and ready to help anytime someone has a question related to your area of expertise. 
  2. Share your Services on Social Media and also let your friends and family know about them.
  3. Offer discounted prices to people who are interested – but know your worth!
  4. Start a Blog and Advertise your Services through your Blog Posts. Let people know why your Services are useful or how they could use this powerful platform to grow their Business as well.
  5. Use Pinterest to advertise your Blog Posts by creating Branded Pin Graphics.
  6. Post about your Services on Facebook and Instagram. Be active on Social Media and always be ready to share what your work is about.
  7. Get in contact with people that you think could use your Services through professional Emails. 
  8. Start a YouTube Channel about your Business and share Videos on Topics that could help people. Lead them to your Services by adding links into your Video Descriptions and also by mentioning them in the video.
  9. Take Instagram seriously, grow your Audience there and post Images and Stories often.
  10. Add testimonials to your Landing Page, sharing how your Services benefited other people and their Businesses. Ask your former clients to write a few words about their experience with your work. This will make others trust you more, since they know you do have experience in your area and know what you are doing.