Why did I choose Elementor Pro to Design my entire Website, instead of using the Free Version & paying nothing? 

First, let’s clarify that the Pro version is only $49.99 per year. And for the number of benefits it brings, it is more than a fair price to pay once a year. 

So allow me to explain why Elementor Pro was my Choice for Website Design, even when using a Premium Theme. 

Reason no. 1 – forms

As a Service Provider, Forms have made my Job easier 100%. Clients simply go to my Landing Pages for my Social Media Marketing or Website Design services & fill out the form with all the information I need to know about their business before starting our collaboration.

With Elementor, embedding forms on any page is made super easy. You can use Elementor’s Form Builder or use Elementor to Drag and Drop WP forms on your Pages. 

Reason no. 2 – COUNTDOWNS

You can use the countdown element for your Tripwire Pages or any Sales Pages to create a Special Offer for your Clients.

Reason no. 3 – Woocommerce optimization

With Elementor Pro, customizing your entire WooCommerce Shop & Pages has never been easier! You can edit your Main Shop Page, Single Product Pages, Category Pages, Cart Page & Checkout Page.

Reason no. 4 – showcasing blog posts

If you want to showcase Blog Posts on your Home Page or on any other Page, you can do that really easily with Elementor Pro. It gives your audience easier access to your articles, which will improve your Page views as well.

Reason no. 5 – share buttons

Share buttons are a must for your Blog Posts or Pages, because it gives people the chance to share your content easily. This will improve your website traffic!

Reason no. 6 – testimonial carousels

You can use the testimonials carousels to easily add client reviews to your website. It won’t take a lot of space, so displaying multiple testimonials will be really easy.

Reason no. 7 – custom fonts

If you want to customize your website and add unique fonts that fit your Branding, you can do that with Elementor Pro. Whether you want to use them in your Menus or when writing for different articles, it’s a great option to have.

Reason no. 8 – scrolling effect

I use the Fade effect on my website for a cleaner overall look when people browse through my website. You can choose from multiple options with Elementor.

Reason no. 9 – theme builder (header & footer)

With Elementor Pro and the free Hello Elementor theme, you have the complete freedom of customizing your own Theme, using the Theme Builder. You can start with the header and continue with the menus, Shop page, product page, footer & more.

Reason no. 10 – navigation menus

Do you want to display links easily on any Page? You can use the Navigation Menus element by dragging and dropping wherever you want! As I did right here.

And these are not all the Elements that Elementor Pro has available for a better-designed Website! Check out all the Pro features at the link below!



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Lidia S