10 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Pinterest Growth - Incoming Success
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10 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Pinterest Growth

10 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Pinterest Growth

When managing Pinterest for your Blog or Business, there are a lot of things you may be doing right, and maybe some you’re doing wrong that are slowing down your Growth. If your Account is not Bringing Enough Traffic, you need to make sure you’re not doing any of the next 10 Mistakes.

Mistake Nr. 10

Not having a Clear Vision for Your Profile – You do not have a set Niche for your Pinterest Account, You don’t have a lot of boards that are about the same topic, so that people can know what your Profile is about instantly. Having a set Niche for your Account makes it look a lot more Professional and follow worthy.

There are a few ways you can make sure People know what your Profile is about Once they click on it:

  • Mention it in the Title and Description of the Profile
  • Use the Board Cover to showcase your Anchor Board
  • Use The Slider to showcase 5 Boards that are Most Relevant to your Profile
  • Mention it the Profile’s Description
  • Have a lot of Boards that Fall into that Topic
  • Join Group Boards on that Topic

For example, I blog about Making Money Online, Growing Your Business, Freelancing and Social Media Growth Tips – so, a lot of My Boards are Related to These Topics.

Then, I also made sure to mention what I do and Who I am in my Profile’s Title and Description.

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Mistake Nr. 9

Not Taking Advantage of Pinterest Business Profile Features – You do not Have a Slider Set Up with 5 of your Most Relevant Boards and are not using the Profile Cover to Showcase your Anchor Board (A Board that Only has Your Own Content).

Mistake Nr. 8

Not Pinning Popular Content into Your Own Boards – By Pinning Relevant Popular Content into Your Own Boards, Pinterest will Know what those Boards are about and will Start Recommending them to Others

I suggest Searching for Keywords every day and then Pinning Some of the Most Popular Pins into Your Own Relevant Boards

Mistake Nr. 7

Not Following other People in the Niche Daily – As any other Social Media Platform, Pinterest Requires Enagagement in Order to Grow, so I suggest Searching for 4-5 People in Your Niche every day, Following their Accounts & Pinning their Pins

Mistake Nr. 6

Not Pinning Your Own Content Consistently – In Order for Your Pinterest Account to Grow and Generate Traffic to Your Website, you Must have Leads on Your Profile that will get people to Your Website

For that to happen, you must Create new Pin Graphics with every Post and Pin them consistently

Mistake Nr. 5

Not having Enough Boards or Pins on Your Profile – If Your Profile looks like Nobody Made an Effort to Set it Up, it’s going to be Really Hard for it to Grow. So, I suggest creating at least 30 Boards at first & Pinning at least 10 Pins into Each Board to Begin With, and then Add On – Every week – One New Board, Every Day – New Pins

Mistake Nr. 4

Not Joining and Pinning into Group Boards – Group Boards are a Great Place to Engage with Other Bloggers and Entrepreneurs such as Yourself by sharing and repinning similar Pins. This will help your overall Engagement and Website Traffic. I suggest Joining at Least 15-20 Group Boards in Your Niche to Begin with and then Keep Finding at Least One More to Join per week.

Mistake Nr. 3

Not having Branded Pin Graphics and Board Covers – For People to Recognize your Pins immediately and be Attracted to your Content, you must have Branded Pin Graphics. Make sure to have a Consistent Logo throughout the Pins, consistent colors and Fonts. Same goes for the Board Covers – Use the same Fonts and Colors you always use.

Mistake Nr. 2

Not Pinning Every Single Day – By Downloading the Pinterest App, you are able to at least Pin for 5 Minutes a day, and sometimes that is good enough to keep your Account Growing. Not Pinning at all for days in a row, it’s going to slow down your growth consistently, as Pinterest needs to see that your Account is active.

Mistake Nr. 1

Not Optimizing Your Account for SEO – Pinterest is a Search Driven Platform, and for that Reason, you need to make Sure to add Keywords in Your Boards and Pins Titles and Description Consistently, as well as add Boards into Categories. You also need to add keywords in your Profile’s Title and Description, as mentioned before.